PristineHydro   24102 El Toro Rd D Laguna Woods,CA92637   (949) 581-9191
24102 El Toro Rd D
Laguna WoodsCA 92637
 (949) 581-9191
The only system that produces water that is 100% free of all undesirable acids and contaminants.

Our eco-friendly patented-pending multi stage process produces water with a low (controlled) TDS comprised of Bicarbonate Salts: Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium; as well as Silica and Chloride.
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Water Filtration systems and more in Laguna Woods, CA

"Inspiring and educating humanity to adopt a healthy lifestyle" is our company slogan at PristineHydro. For more than a decade, we've been perfecting consumable water quality by utilizing an innovative process in Laguna Woods, CA. We've taken on the challenge to help solve a complex global health crisis caused by acid rain and various types of pollution. From production to consumption, we are determined to change the way water impacts our planet and ultimately our health. In order to lead a clean and healthy life, the fluids we drink need to be clean and healthy. After decades of research and being letdown by Spring WaterWater IonizersBottled Water, Reverse Osmosis, Distilled Water, and Carbon Block Filters we decided to develop our own patented (pending) eco-friendly multi stage process. Finally, it is now possible to enjoy 100% acid-free, chemical and fluoride free water; that maintains a high alkaline pH and is properly remineralized with the correct bicarbonate salts: magnesium, calcium, and sodium; with traces of silica and chloride. Consumer water systems have never tasted this good. Our Water Revival Systems are available in Under-Counter or Counter-Top, we even have a Travel/Portable unit so you will never be without your PristineHydro water. In addition to our cutting-edge Water Revival Systems, PristineHydro also features PristineNutrition which is a complete line of all-natural time tested superfoods.

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